What’s the most noticeable feature of a hotel room? Excluding luxury suites, most hotel rooms can be compared to a bedroom. What sets them apart are the armchairs or a loveseat that creates a cosy conversation corner within the room. Wouldn’t this be a nice idea to incorporate in your bedroom at home as well? You could use it to enjoy your morning cup of tea, read a book in the afternoon or simply unwind at the end of a long day. Here are a few pieces of bedroom furniture you may need to design your cosy corner.

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Club Chairs

A pair of club chairs like the Ashleys and a side table takes up minimal space but adds functionality and beauty to your bedroom. You could place these chairs in a number of ways. If you have a large window, try placing them infront of it to allow you to look out while you read your morning paper. You could also use these pieces of bedroom furniture to define a corner. Alternatively, place them at the end of your bed.


Bedend ottoman

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Ottomans and Benches

These are ideal for compact bedrooms. Pick a design that complements the design of your bed and place the ottoman or bench at the end of the bed. Choose between a single two seater or 2 single seater ottomans. Ottomans can be used in the master bedroom, guest bedroom or even be a part of your child’s room.


bedroom furniture club chairs

Wing chairs and Rocking chairs

If ‘vintage’ is the way you define your style, there’s nothing better than a rocking chair or a Chester wingchair for your bedroom. Since these statement pieces are tall, they should be placed in a well lit corner of the room where they will not obstruct your line of sight. Pay attention to the upholstery of these chairs and pair to your curtains to create a cohesive space.


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Sometimes, you need a place to lounge that isn’t your bed. If space isn’t a constraint, consider adding a daybed to your bedroom. Daybeds can be as plush or as minimal as you like and can complement any design style. Daybeds should ideally be placed against a window or at an angle in the corner.



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Sofas need not be limited to living rooms and dens. A cozy two seater is just what a master bedroom needs to go from ‘nice’ to ‘WOW’.  A low back sofa like the Thurston can be placed at the foot of your bed but ideally, a sofa should be placed in an area all to itself. Add a coffee table to further enhance the look of your bedroom sofa.

Complement your pick of the above five pieces of bedroom furniture with a side table, lamps and throw cushions. If you like plants, this is the ideal place for one. Finally, use a carpet to define the space and separate your cozy seating from the rest of the room.