“In the future, I’ll be furniture. Step on me now or sit on me later, but either way let me know how I can make you feel comfortable.” ― Jarod Kintz

Timeless Elegance, Comfort, Exquisite Style, Colour, and Sublime – these qualities form the warp and weft of a transcendent dream and we like to call it ‘The Pink Chair’. Call it serendipity or a stroke of brilliance, it’s the undying love for smart, classy chairs that fired up the imagination of an ex-furniture consultant; that’s when she started designing her own living room signature pieces that would redefine furniture couture in the future. This venture is purely born out of heart and her love and passion for classy, stylish bespoke furniture that speaks of an everlasting elegance. She constantly breaks barriers and forays into uncharted realms of designs, colours, textures, and patterns to create breath-taking pieces of furniture. The Pink Chair is based on the axiom of creating unique statement pieces that are head-turners and that can accentuate any corner of a home.

About Me

17857_375960545426_3883634_n (1)I am Komal Sandhu, the dream weaver of this whimsical, story called The Pink Chair. I believe that a chair or a sofa isn’t just a piece of sawed wood occupying space in one’s home and I am really glad that I am not the only one! It’s a piece of art woven with colours, fabric, textures, style, and different silhouettes that ties up the décor and architecture of a home and creates coherence. I believe that The Pink Chair will usher fashion and style into your living rooms, it will add a zing to those little reading nooks, will quirk up those cosy corners and it will bring out the owner’s personality in their home like never before.


Why Us

Quality: Our eye for detail, our finesse, and our constant efforts to conform to the highest benchmarks in quality when crafting a piece of furniture for you will reflect in our finished products. We don’t compromise on our workmanship, fabric, or any of the materials used in our furniture.

Design: Our team will help you design & accentuate cosy corners of your home with stunning silhouettes, beautiful designs, and quality products. We excel in vintage wing chairs, Queen Anne chairs, accent armchairs, bespoke sofas, ottomans, quirky chaises, upholstered benches.

Comfort: Each piece that is handcrafted at The Pink Chair comes with the guarantee of providing you the ultimate comfort in seating in terms of firm cushioning, soft arm rests, and ample lumbar and back support.

Aesthetics and Balance: The Pink Chair team is passionate about crafting aesthetically pleasing furniture for your homes and we strive for attainting the same by balancing a vivid colour palette with fabrics, motifs, silhouettes, and textures. The Pink Chair is your ultimate destination where the contemporary meets Victorian, where sophisticated meets quirky, and where ethnic meet modern… Well, there’s certainly more to us than meets the eye. You can come to us with scattered thoughts or just a clean slate and we will accompany you on your journey to create a masterpiece for your home. Your ‘Magazine Home’, is not far away anymore!