Top 5 Alternative Seating Ideas for Dining Tables

After a bed for the bedroom and sofa for the living room, a dining table is often next on every home owners list of furniture to be bought. A dining table is an integral part of home décor. In India, food is not only a source of nourishment, our lives and celebrations revolve around it. Can you imagine Diwali without a table full of mithai or a birthday party that doesn't bring everyone together around the dining table to cut a delicious cake.  Dining tables can be sold as part of a set with coordinated dining chairs or as standalone [...]

5 Pieces of Bedroom Furniture for Your Cozy Corner.

What’s the most noticeable feature of a hotel room? Excluding luxury suites, most hotel rooms can be compared to a bedroom. What sets them apart are the armchairs or a loveseat that creates a cosy conversation corner within the room. Wouldn’t this be a nice idea to incorporate in your bedroom at home as well? You could use it to enjoy your morning cup of tea, read a book in the afternoon or simply unwind at the end of a long day. Here are a few pieces of bedroom furniture you may need to design your cosy corner.image credit: sourceClub [...]

Is Upholstered Sofa Maintenance really that Hard?

It always comes down to long term maintenance when comparing wooden furniture to upholstered furniture. Though upholstered furniture looks beautiful, upholstered sofa maintenance is a little more intensive than polished wooden furniture maintenance. However, the comfort of sitting on a plush upholstered sofa vs a hard wooden bench makes the effort well worth it.The beauty of customized furniture is that you get to pick the upholstery fabric yourself. Ask the lady with toddlers who picked a white sofa and you’ll know how crucial picking the right fabric is to how your sofa looks and your upholstered sofa maintenance requirements. If you share [...]

Buying Sofas Online: Three Questions You should ask Yourself

It is only as a college student that you can get away with a sofa less living room. A well designed sofa is symbolic of well designed home interiors. However, it isn’t easy to choose a sofa. Sofas are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, configurations, etc to suit every budget. When it comes to decorating a home and buying sofas online, a sofa is also one of the biggest investments in terms of furniture. Hence, it is important to educate yourself on the different aspects of a sofa and to choose your sofa carefully. When you are [...]

How to Mix and Match Furniture

When you buy furniture online from The Pink Chair, each piece is a statement piece. We rarely do the regular 3+1+1 sofa set. Thus, when we put furniture together for living room, we mix and match styles, colours, forms and textures. To be able to mix and match is an art. The challenge lies in balancing a formal, grown up style with youthful, playfulness without making the space look chaotic.Here are a few tips to help you mix and match.Blend Styles togetherWhen blending styles, it is important to have one element in common. This binding element could be a colour, [...]

History about Popular Accent Chairs – Fun facts

The oldest chairs in history are documented to be about 5000 years old and were used only by the Egyptian pharaohs and nobles; the Victorian era chairs carried forward the trend and came with lacquered patinas, ornaments, and oriental motifs. An Occasional Chair is serves its purpose – additional seating when the need arises. Easy to move, light weight, mostly armless and come in a variety of designs and styles. The Chiavari is one of the most commonly used occasional chairs because of its ultra-lightweight design. The generously sized Wingback chair is not just an ideal partner to a sofa, it can [...]

Our Idea of Perfection – An Accent Chair in Two Fabrics

Well, at first, choosing the perfect accent chair might seem a daunting task to you considering the way it will define your space and reflect your personality, but hey! That’s why we are here! Who doesn’t love a chair upholstered in a gorgeous fabric? A quirky upholstered accent chair might just be the missing piece in your living room puzzle; and if it’s two gorgeous fabrics that you have set your heart on, then? Well, the first thing you should do – come to The Pink Chair! Whether it’s an element of drama you want to create in your living room or a medley [...]

Sofa Arms and Cushion Styles

1. English/London Arm: Short, rounded arms, where the seat cushion goes around the front of the sofa arms. Hence, also called English arms with T-cushion. These kinds of arms look beautiful in traditional and/or formal and grand living rooms or rooms which carry a rich history of antiques and vintage hand-me-downs.2. Lawson Arm: Here the arms are either rolled or square and the seat cushion normally doesn’t wrap around the front of the arm. Hence, also called Lawson arms with Straight cushion. These are perfect for both transitional (formal French Riviera set-up) and traditional homes with a rustic touch (with valance).3. [...]

Origin of the Chaise Longue

Pronounced as Shayz Long, the Chaise Longue is believed to have its roots in the 16th century France. Design experts also believe it was inspired from the hardwood daybeds of the ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome where reclining in public was an acceptable norm. By the late 15th century, French designs were being incorporated into the daybed with focus on accommodating a lounging/relaxing posture. The Carolean period witnessed elaborately carved backs, ornamental crests, caned seats, and paw legs being introduced in the daybeds in the 1600s England. The William & Mary era borrowed heavily from the curvaceous Queen Anne style [...]