When you buy furniture online from The Pink Chair, each piece is a statement piece. We rarely do the regular 3+1+1 sofa set. Thus, when we put furniture together for living room, we mix and match styles, colours, forms and textures. To be able to mix and match is an art. The challenge lies in balancing a formal, grown up style with youthful, playfulness without making the space look chaotic.

pinkchair arthur chair

Here are a few tips to help you mix and match.

Blend Styles together

When blending styles, it is important to have one element in common. This binding element could be a colour, a motif, a texture etc. It is possible to have more than one binding element but you should never have more than 2 or 3 at most. Keep this in mind when you buy furniture online from The Pink Chair. For example, to match the Arthur chair to the rest of your interior style you could choose a rug that reflects one of the colours of the upholstery fabric. The Arthur is a contemporary, masculine version of a classic wing chair so you could also pair it with furniture that follows straight lines.

white upholstered sofa

Don’t draw a line through the middle of a room

The Warwick chair blends classic styling with abstract prints. The reason this blend is successful is because both characteristics are distributed equally throughout the chair. It might have looked odd if one arm and the seat were upholstered in a solid colour and the rest in the abstract print. Similarly, when mixing and matching styles in a living room distribute the factors you want to blend equally. Do not expect to have a harmonious looking living room if you decorate half the room in an art deco style and the other in your favourite colour.

Romantic or Masculine, Formal or Homely…Set a mood

Each piece of furniture says something. While the Arthur chair speaks of colonial elegance, the Warwick chair is chic and youthful. If your living room is a place to relax, the Warwick is the statement it needs but if you want your living room to look classy and formal, the Arthur chair is a better bet. Decide a mood for your living room and buy furniture online that complements that mood. This way all your furniture will speak a common language.

Look at the big picture

A room does not have to be symmetrical to look balanced. You can have completely different objects on either side of a room and still have a balanced look. To achieve this you must balance the visual weight of the objects and furniture. For example, a tall wing chair can be balanced with a long chaise but might look odd with a block armchair.

chessterfield sofa and wing chair

Can you imagine an ant and an elephant being friends- no! Mind your scales

Size is an important factor to keep in mind when mixing and matching furniture. Ideally, all your pieces should be in the same scale. Putting a chesterfield sofa from The Pink Chair collection next to a dainty stool might make it look out of place. A large piece like the chesterfield would be better suited next to a comfy armchair. Similarly look at the size of motifs when mixing and matching upholstery fabrics.

Build Bridges between styles

When you buy furniture online and are mixing and matching two very different styles together you must find a way to bridge the styles. For example a classic club chair like the Elliot upholstered in a solid black and white combination could be the bridge between classic and modern styles.

living room furniture

Lastly remember, your home is an extension of yourself. The way you decorate it showcases all the different facets of your personality. Pay attention to the details but when mixing and matching styles always keep the big picture in mind. If you need any help, feel free to consult us at The Pink Chair.