Well, at first, choosing the perfect accent chair might seem a daunting task to you considering the way it will define your space and reflect your personality, but hey! That’s why we are here!
Who doesn’t love a chair upholstered in a gorgeous fabric? A quirky upholstered accent chair might just be the missing piece in your living room puzzle; and if it’s two gorgeous fabrics that you have set your heart on, then? Well, the first thing you should do – come to The Pink Chair!
Whether it’s an element of drama you want to create in your living room or a medley of colours you want splashed across the dining area, the key is to add a visual punch to make an area – a fireplace, the dining zone, or even the space below the staircase a focal point. The scale, pattern, and colour of the two fabrics shouldn’t blend with each other; instead they should vary till the point they create a high degree of contrast. We love the combination of the tropical floral fabric (green teal orange white) and teal and white polka dots  geometrical print on this Bergere chair. Also, this oversized wing chair looks perfect with only its seat and the back in a brightly upholstered print while the arms are neutral. Don’t be afraid to bring out that bohemian and sassy side of you! Choose a bold colour palette and chic patterns for that comfortable and casual look. And if you’re feeling a little more daring, why not mix a bit of tiger print with leather? We love this look here!