Idyllic barns, patchwork hills, quaint cottages, winding roads, and Shakespeare – revel in the rustic beauty of the English countryside with the Ascot any time of the day – skilful welting along the outer edge of the arms and the seat, a wide backrest, and attractive mid-century exposed legs. The best part about the Ascot – It’s just the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee and a mystery novel! Desire a compact, customised Ascot for your home? Your wish is our command!

  • Frame – Solid hardwood
  • Dimensions – 31”w x 29”d x 31”h
  • Wood finish shown – Rubber wood with Dark Walnut
  • Finishes available – Mahogany, Natural teak, Rosewood.
  • Upholstery available – Florals & Geometrics
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