sofa-arms1. English/London Arm: Short, rounded arms, where the seat cushion goes around the front of the sofa arms. Hence, also called English arms with T-cushion. These kinds of arms look beautiful in traditional and/or formal and grand living rooms or rooms which carry a rich history of antiques and vintage hand-me-downs.

2. Lawson Arm: Here the arms are either rolled or square and the seat cushion normally doesn’t wrap around the front of the arm. Hence, also called Lawson arms with Straight cushion. These are perfect for both transitional (formal French Riviera set-up) and traditional homes with a rustic touch (with valance).

3. Sock Arm: Short rolled arms which work well with both the straight cushion and the T-cushion. They have clean lines and hence a good choice for contemporary homes.

4. Pleated Arm: A variation of the sock arm, with tight pleats on the front. Work beautifully in traditional homes but their versatility makes them a cool choice for modern living rooms too.

5. Track Arm: As the name suggests, these arms mean no nonsense, have clean, straight lines with no T-cushion. Absolutely perfect for a crisp, contemporary living room.